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Welcome to Study Spanish and Surf. Our eight Study Spanish and Surf Language schools are located worldwide in Spanish speaking countries. They are dedicated to bringing you the best opportunity to Learn Spanish abroad and go Surfing. Our language schools will not only give you first class  Spanish classes, but their locations have  been chosen for having great surfing breaks, and close to the feel of the Latino beat.

Join us in one of our Spanish language school Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico (three), Panama and Spain (two). Each has a unique feel about it. All are close to the surf breaks. One is even based from a 42 foot yacht that takes you to remote breaks. Are you looking for more from your study Spanish abroad time? Do you want to learn Spanish, but also want to experience more? If you are a complete beginner, or an experienced surfer, we have a Spanish Language school and a surf breaks to suit your needs. Experience and learn something different - Study Spanish and Surf! All our Spanish Language schools also offer many other excursion activities to make your Spanish and surfing vacation complete e.g. salsa, cooking, walks, history, culture etc. You will have the opportunity to become immersed in the Latino and Spanish cultures, to come away knowing that you have made the most of your study Spanish abroad time in a different country with a different and interesting culture. To meet new lifetime friends.

Our courses cover Spanish from Beginner to Advanced, and our Surfing instruction from beginner to expert. AND there is always opportunity for lots of free time surfing

For more information check our pages for each Study Spanish and surf school. If you want our opinion on the what makes each Spanish and surf schools different and unique, and which is the best location to go to at different times of year email us or  have a look at our 'where and when' page. 

Study Spanish and Surf ! Learn Spanish abroad at our Spanish Language Schools Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador ,El Salvador, Mexico, Panama  and go surfing! Study Spanish abroad and have a surfing vacation